GFY - Comfort Energy Insoles - Male

Designed to help people suffering

from severe pain or discomfort,

without the use of any painkillers or creams.


Packed with signals from a proprietary blend of all-natural ingredients, COMFORT helps enhance the body’s ability to deal with chronic or severe inflammation.

Supports weight distribution, minimizes existing inflammation, reduces pain, positively influences spinal alignment, and prevents backaches.

Inflammation causes all types of pains, from migraines and sinus headaches to muscle aches and back pains.

With COMFORT, your body is stimulated to take steps to reduce inflammation and assist in pain management, allowing you to continue with your daily activities normally.

Packed with signals from all-natural ingredients,
GFY Insoles are compatible with all types of footwear.
Included: 1 pair per box - Cut to fit size
Supports feet from size 41 to 45 (UK)

GFY Insoles are the world’s first footwear support that are designed to promote health using a breakthrough combination of oriental medical wisdom and cutting-edge scalar wave technology.
Special discs containing healing scalar energy patterns derived from biological signaling have been incorporated into these insoles.

When worn, they provide gentle, constant stimulation of all the twelve energy meridians that converge on the soles of the feet.
Wear GFY Insoles daily and notice a rise in your vitality and energy. Your body will naturally realign itself and your health will improve dramatically.
Get your GFY Insoles now and lead an active, revitalized life!

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