GFY - MASS Energy Insoles - Male

Designed for the sportsman, gym-goer,

or simply anyone who engages in strenuous activities.

Our gel insoles match world-class specifications to support weight distribution, minimize existing inflammation, reduce pain, positively influence spinal alignment, and prevent back aches.
MASS Energy Insoles can help the body perform better and recover faster from vigorous physical activities.

This is done by stimulating the body to generate not just the energy needed to perform, but also the amino acids that are needed to help sore muscles recover and develop.

Packed with signals from all-natural ingredients,
GFY Insoles are compatible with all types of footwear.

Supports feet from size 41 to 45 (UK)
Included: 1 pair per box - Cut to fit size

GFY Insoles are the world’s first footwear support that are designed to promote health using a breakthrough combination of oriental medical wisdom and cutting-edge scalar wave technology.
Special discs containing healing scalar energy patterns derived from biological signaling have been incorporated into these insoles.

When worn, they provide gentle, constant stimulation of all the twelve energy meridians that converge on the soles of the feet.
Wear GFY Insoles daily, and notice a rise in your vitality and energy. Your body will naturally realign itself and your health will improve dramatically.
Get your GFY Insoles now and lead an active, revitalized life!

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