GFY - Energy Card

 Balance the hormones 

 Reduces harmful high frequency radiation 

 Promotes overall wellness 

Energy Card can last as long as 26,000 hours with active use.

Energy Card can last as long as 26,000 hours with active use.
Best place to keep the Energy Card is in your lanyard or Wallet

Card material: Copper
Card Size: 8.5 x 5.4 cm. Same size with your bank card


Energy cards can structure and balance your drinking water and food on a quantum level.

Simply pass the Energy Card over your food and beverages. You will notice that your food and drinks have been energized, and their taste profile improved.

The most advanced Energy Card in the market that utilizes the latest in scalar quantum technology to positively influence your overall health and well-being.

The Energy Card is embedded with 3 formulas: Vital, Shield and Prime.

Vital formula encourages the body to provide a sustained energy increase. It also promotes overall wellness for you. Whether you are going for long walks or bustling around running errands, your body will be invigorated to generate the energy you need to carry out your day to day activities with less fatigue.

Shield formula assists our body in dealing from harmful high frequency radiation such as Radio Frequency (RF) radiation. With the Internet of Things, it is impossible to run away from such technological advancements. Shield allows us to live our lives and enjoy our mobile conveniences without compromising our health.

Prime formula encourages the body to balance out its hormones. All sorts of environmental and dietary factors cause our hormones to become unbalanced, causing everything from lifeless hair, to wrinkles, to dull skin, to weak nails. Prime will invigorate your body to bring your hormone levels to the right balance.


Scalar waves are longitudinal three-dimensional waves that carry a form of energy that Nikola Tesla called “radiant energy”. This energy has the ability to penetrate every substance including Faraday Cages. It also has the ability to extract data such as the frequencies of substances that can then be modulated and imprinted onto a holographic disc.

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